How to switch between different App Store Countries on the Apple TV

To be able to install some apps that are available only to certain App Store countries, you will need to have an Apple ID created for each country App Store.
If you do not have yet an Apple ID for the country you want, you will first need to create one following theses tutorials: Once you have the desired countries Apple IDs, follow these steps on your Apple TV:
  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store
  2. First time you will need to go to Add New Apple ID to enter the account credentials of the country's Apple ID account. It will then be listed in the APPLE ID section and you will only have to choose it the next time you want to switch to it.
  3. While an Apple ID is selected, you will be able to access its country App Store and install apps available for this country.
Now that you have both countries Apple IDs configured on your Apple TV, you can switch from one Apple ID to another to switch from one App Store country to another and be able to install apps from both countries on your Apple TV.

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